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Picture of a cornfield. The corn market traditionally has had a relationship with live cattle futures

Relationships Between Markets

The Influential Relationships Between Commodity Futures Markets No doubt you’ve noticed that many of the commodities markets are similar and move in a similar fashion. This exercise is only to make you

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What is significant about the range in this NASDAQ chart?

What is significant about this chart range?

Did I make this homework question too hard? I admit it was a little more difficult – but hey, that’s trading for you. If it were easy everyone could do it, right? Here is the Japanese Yen chart and

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Chart analysis test on Cocoa

How would you analyze this chart?

Last week’s homework question seems to have been a big hit as I got a ton of emails with your trading strategies and I have to say I was very impressed by your analysis! Some of you even spotted things

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Support and Resistance Journal

1: CURRENCIES: Opening Range Open Price: 5:20 (Pacific)/7:20 (Central)/8:20 (Eastern) Australian Dollar The Australian Dollar hit its profit target last week and with Friday’s big bounce it was probably

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How do you know when the market is trending?

I believe one of the biggest challenges facing traders is trying to correctly identify the market trend. Once you have the trend down then you know whether you want to be a buyer or seller and respond

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Image showing money raining down

So you’re not making money trading?

So you’re not making money trading. Maybe it’s worse than that. Maybe you’re losing money for all your effort. It’s like the market’s rubbing salt in the wound, adding insult to injury. What

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