If time was a commodity you can purchase how much would it be worth?

If time was a commodity that you can purchase how much should/would it be worth?


Time is a commodity and it’s traded by millions of people around the world everyday. It’s called your JOB. If you’re talking about trading other people’s time, that’s called slavery, and we don’t do that anymore.

If you’re treating this as a thought exercise and you’re talking about buying more time, then I suppose the value of it would depend on your age/health, and how much of your own time you have left.

Young people, who think they have all the time in the world, tend not to value their time the way old, or sick people do. So if that’s the case, then people who are dying will pay ANYTHING for more time, making Time the most precious commodity of all.

And that’s probably the most important thing for any of us to remember.

Are there ETFs or index funds that track coffee? Not like Starbucks, but similar to how $UGAZ tracks oil. Does this exist for the price of coffee?

Rather than re-type it all I’ll refer you to the Investopia website that has an excellent article about coffee ETFs.

Top ETFs for Investing in Coffee (JO, CAFE)

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