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Get all 3 manuals with a 3 month subscription to the CPR Daily Trade Updates.

Let’s be clear – in addition to the daily trade picks, you get all 3 manuals for less than the cost of a 3 month subscription. Why? I want you to let me know what you think of the new manual!
Click here to get started.3 support and resistance trading manuals free with 3 month subscription


Manual: The Truth About Trading Support and Resistance

The authoritative work on support and resistance trading.

Manual: How to Make Money Trading Crude Oil

An easy to understand, clear and concise description of a simple method for day trading Crude Oil.

Other Items:

Private One on One Coaching and Mentoring

Ever wished you had someone who could show you step by step how to improve your trading results? Having a trading mentor or trading coach can often mean moving your trading to a whole new level you wouldn’t necessarily have achieved on your own.

The Commodity Pick Report – Morning Call

The Commodity Pick Report gives you my best handpicked trades for each day of the week, delivered to your inbox. The trades include trade management suggestions for open positions and profit targets are offered for your consideration. Trades are classified according to their probability of success, with low risk trades having the greatest probability of success and high risk trades the least. Traders Helping Traders membership includes all the manuals, tutorials and historic articles.

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