3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a More Profitable Trader


Learn three ways to increase your trading edge - watch these quick videos. The three short videos I have recorded for you deal with three very simple ideas for taking a little more money off the table with each trade. If you'd like to watch these videos and download the accompanying PDFs, click the button to let me know where to send them:


Odds of winning several trades in a row 


Can you spot the difference? 


Market choices can influence profits 

Topstep and Rich Friesen collaborate on audio mini seminars

The TopStep Audio Seminars are the results of a joint project Rich Friesen has been working on to help the TopStep traders expand their mental game and deliver consistent profits.

The result is a weekly audio seminar series that covers the topics most important to these emerging traders - and although these are normally only available to TopStep members, now you can listen to this selection of audio seminars just as though you were actually there.

You can download these mp3 audio files and play them on your computer, smart phone, tablet, at the gym or even in your car for your own personal "Drivetime Trading University"!