Trader Coaching

Yes you can still learn to trade with Erich’s Trader Coaching Program. An excerpt from an email from a student:

trader coaching“Erich also helped me to put together a trade journal which is another invaluable tool to have. If I had to sum it up with the two best things I took from Erich’s mentoring, it would be position sizing and the confidence he gave me that I know I am on the right track to trading. There was a lot of other great stuff that he taught me which I have kept notes of and refer to often. To me the mentoring classes were worth every dime. Time and money well spent!”  -Brian B., Saskatchewan, Canada

Have you ever wished you had someone who could show you step by step how to improve your trading results? Having a trading mentor or trading coach can often mean moving your trading to a whole new level you wouldn’t necessarily have achieved on your own, thereby cutting a huge chunk of time out of your learning curve.

Erich is a patient trading mentor, well known for his knack of explaining complicated concepts in easy to understand terms. He does not force his own ideas or trading style on other traders, rather, he helps you bring out your strengths and identify and work with your weaknesses; and develop a comprehensive trading plan.

If you’d like to chat with Erich to see whether he is a good fit for you as a trading coach, please contact him here or click the button below to choose a one or four hour private session:

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One common denominator among top traders is having a trading mentor. It’s not unusual to find these traders hiring a coach – someone who can look at a trading plan or system with new eyes and identify areas with potential for improvement.
Coaching is an investment in yourself and in your ongoing trader education. If you regard your trading as a business, you may qualify for tax deductions.

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